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books Adyton – Intimate Greek Diary 1973-1974
Adyton – Text
Adenauer Zyklus 1975
American Painters 1976
Justitia Berolinensis 1977
Komodo 1979
Durch die Fenster-Kommunale Galerie Bln 1980
Ishtar Terra – My Art-History
Kaifeng Monkey – China 1982
Polaroids 1 – Studio 1985
Polaroids 2 – Bodywork – Fetes des Orifices 1985
The Gruesome Story of My Mother 1987/2010
Operetta 2009
Nancy and Ronald Dancing 2011
Lunacy of Culture 2013
Warszawa – Photoes 2013
Photoes 1 – generell 2013
Photoes 2 – generell 2013
Photoes – GalleryArt 2013
Photoes – Studios 2013
Angels and Musicians 2014
Color – Water – Ice 1976/2014
Recent Paintings 2014
Praha – Photoes 2014
Ashland – Photoes 2011/14
BASSE – Paintings/Photoes 2014
BASSE – Portraits 1971/72
BASSE – Las Palmas – Last Photoes 2014
BASSE – G.C. – Photoes-2014-The Europeans 1
BASSE – G.C. – Photoes-2014-The Europeans 2
BASSE – G.C. – Photoes-2014-The Europeans 3
BASSE – G.C. – Photoes-2014-The Europeans 4
BASSE – Playa del Inglés-Last Photos-2015

EXORCISM: ‚Märchen‘ – A Biographical Fairytale 2014

SAMPLES of Brochures

Photoes-The Europeans, Tetralogy


Hotte – Brevier-Essays (Word & Picture) – 2015
ISBN 9783737526661

BASSE – DECU-Project (Die Wunde, eine Tragoedie) – 2015
ISBN 9783737526654

h.basse – ARABI UND DIE WELT – 2016
ISBN: 978-3-7418-1188-3

h.basse – THE KOMODO OF SAN DIEGO – Zeichnerisches Werk – 2016
ISBN: 978-3-7418-3517-9

h.basse – WATERCOLORS – 2016
ISBN: 978-3-7418-3517-9

h.basse – Newest Water-Colors – 2016
ISBN: 978-3-7418-3807-1

h.basse – WATERCOLORS – G.C. – 2016
ISBN: 978374189521-0

h.basse – Pflegenotstand
Decubiti und Dehydration – 2017
ISBN: 9783-3-7450-5475-0

BASSE – private – Photoes – 2017

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Cut out

Cut out

DIG free!

Bronzino – Collage – mixed media

[Holland Cotter: ‚Possibly the one indisputably defining feature of art in our own time is its shape-shifting inclusiveness.
All mediums — sculpture, photography, painting, performance, video, etc. — are on equal footing and can even coexist in a single artist’s work.‘]

TRIUMPH! – A Video

Nine Sculptures – div. Media

Two Acryls on canvas

Four Acryls on canvas

Frame – div. Media

Four Gouaches

Drawings over…

Five ‚headless‘-Aquarelles

Beyond all languages.
Under a sky without borderlines. And an earth without a center.


Without the help of Dirk Faber this Website would not exist.
Thank you, Dirk!

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(Death of Mother.)


SynPrax was an attempt, an experiment…to counteract, to overcome a fatal Reality…taking care of his ailing mother over fifteen years.
He saw it first as a task in the Allen Kaprow sense…Art and Life mingling with each other…But Reality is not to tackle with a Theory.

SynPrax 1 – Polaroid

SynPrax 2 – Polaroid

SynPrax 3 – Magic Formula of a ‚Bogus‘ Medical Treatment – mixed Media

SynPrax 4 – Mixed Media

‚Shamanic‘ Performances

Polaroid-Photo of the artist’s mother: painting – 1990

Drawing of a Decu-Wound


Black and White NIKON-Photoes

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Beijing. Beida.
A ‚Performance‘ in front of Chinese co-students wearing Chinese cloths of the time …

Beijing. Tianmen.

Voyage to the West

Art in 1982-China


1982, Beijing, with the Painter Mr. Wu Guanzhong (in the mid)



The Author’s Chinese Handwriting

KODAK-Filmpieces, arranged…

The Execution of Personal Photoes in China 1982

Photo Essay


Chinese Diary

kaifeng hou zi


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MEXICO – Performance/PictureEssay

(The Mexican-RING/WHEEL-Piece)

mostly NIKON-Photoes

(In Memoriam: Kathan Brown’s ‚Voxage to the Cities of the Dawn‘.)

LINK to Kevin’s Diary

A tiny ‚SHOW‘ shall give an impression of the ANGST suffusing this small book.

ANGST“ – Show
(for Kathan Brown)

A yellow-painted iron RING as a companion – ’sybolizing‘ the nonexisting wheel-priciple in early America.

Chac Mool

„Done in a shabby hotelroom in Mexico City“ – ‚Burnerd Out‘

Framed photo by a Street-Photographer

The Wheel – Kodak-Colour-Negatives


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American Indian – Aquarelle

Two American Indians – Aquarelle


(click on the picture of Roy Lichtenstein!)

Roy Lichtenstein – Felt-tip-Pen


(click on!)


San Francisco – mixed media

La Jolla/Uni of CA – Collage

‚Loosing an European Head‘ – NIKON-Photo

‚Loosing your European Head‘ – Photo by al


Robin White(R.Sperry/Split-Brain)- XEROX Print

Nancy Frank – XEROX Print

Acte – XEROX Print

Encounter with M. Hurson in Chicago.(click on!)

photo: author

LINK n.y.times

The acme of his life in the ‚Americas‘: a stint at the UCSD, San Diego/La Jolla.
Were he came in touch with John Cage (‚What’s cooking on.‘)
(The ‚Black Mountain College Movement‘ and its ‚Asia-Connection‘.)

Breaking in the Automotive Section of the L.A.Times

(For Li) Great Acryl with Stamps imbued – lost!

Detail from: Great Acryl with Stamps imbued

Window view from the San Diego studio

Great Acryl 2

Collored Glasses

Collored Glasses

PictureCollage – mixed media

Playing – Collage

Ahnenpass 2 – Xerox-Prints

Brainsplit (for Robin White) – Collage


Brainsplit two – Xeroxed PaperSheets

The New York-Window-Installation (1)

Berlin-Window-Installation (2)

Returning from Amerika. Creating immediatly an installation in Berlin.
Being a flop, a disaster.

“Few cared.
Can be the show was unintelligible. Or the public was too unfamilar to read the whole as ART. Had endured aggressive remarks.
Above all: the so-callled artist changed the installation every day”

(J.Dewey: ‚A genuine Idea is an Idea in motion.‘)

Part of Window-Installation 2: Dying Women – mixed Media.

Part of Window-Installation 2, in B.: ‚The Lift‘ – mixed Media.

LINK to PHOTO, FILM and two VIDEOS. In German.

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Under the Spell of Byzantium.(pictureversion)

In the coming years he was constantly on the move. (Wanderjahre)
Following his own interests: arts, philosophy, medicine…

Staying for a longer time in Greece he focused the studies on Byzantine Painting.

An Icon-Painter – Friend in Athens – was a helpful companion in this time.

Dedicated to Ms. Aphroditi Pournarie

LINK – The Paros – Diary

‚Geza Anda‘-Hat – Pastel

Boots – Pastel

Boots – Aquarelle

Photomounting from details of an Icon of A.Pournarie

„The GALATAS-Family“ – Aquarelles

Mt. Athos – Acryl on canvas

Still – Aquarelle

Chair – Acryl on canvas

Vase – Aquarelle

Street – Acryl on canvas

Offer – Acryl on canvas

Incense-Burner – Aquarelle

Byzantinist – Acryl on canvas

Chair, plate with pear – carbon

Self portrait – Athos

Creek Landscape – Acryl on Canvas

Study for ‚Byzantinist‘ – Acryl on canvas

The Hydra-Icon (With archaic traits) – Acryl on canvas

The ‚Heniokhos‘ of Delphi as Icon – Acryl on canvas

Study for the ‚Heniokhos‘ of Delphi as an Icon – Oil-Crayon on paper

Ms. Anna Coraki – Acryl on canvas

Ms. Anna Coraki – Aquarelle

Landscape in Yellow – Acryl on Canvas

Mr.Rainer A. – Acryl on Canvas

Mr.Rainer A. – Aquarelle

Ms. Ahrens as Megaira – Crayon

Exhibition in U.

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Eearly Works. The Formative Years – and Beyond…

„Now, I see the advantages in presenting my work as a process,a flowing entity I had dreamt of since years.
Having the opportunity to use the Internet. Having all I am interested in…In the center the opportunities to change my work whenever I feel the urge.“

(Following J.Dewey: ‚A genuine Idea is an Idea in motion.‘)

A sketchy biographical account. Till 2005.
Visual Highlights.
(All in private possession.)

„The following two pictures being my first ones probably. „


A Child’s drawing – aquarell (about 1950)

A Child’s drawing – pastell

Billboard-picture, for a theatreperformance, stencil, dated: 1.04.1957
(Guache on cheap paper.)

Early Pastel (For Massimo Z.)

Athos-landscape – Acryl on canvas

‚The Geza Anda‘-Hat – Pastel

Cut out

Colored Glasses

Portrait of the author’s mother – NIKON-Photo by himself

NIKON-Photo – Padova

felt tip-pen – Mr. Li Ming Chun

Two Acryls on canvas

Five Aquarelles

Two Sculptures – div. Media

Bronzino – Collage – mixed media


The famous ‚Konrad Adenauer-Cycle‘


Adenauer als Kommunikant

Adenauers Verlobungsbild

Adenauer im Stroh mit zwei Damen

Adenauer empfaengt Hindenburg

Adenauer mit der Wehrmachtsmuetze seines Sohnes

Adenauer und De Gaulle

Adenauer und die Moenche von Maria Lach

Adenauer im Greisenalter

Adenauers Rosenschere

Adenauer in seinem Garten

Adenauers Sterbezimmer


2.The following is an extended version of ‚The Formative Years‘.
Including some more juvenile Works.

A Child’s drawing

11.7.73 14 HP4 66 – Felt-Tip Pen

Drawing after Pieter Bruegel’s ‚Dulle Griet‘

A Child’s ‚Moon-Horse‘ – Earth

Parents – Acryl

Ahnenpass – Book

out of a six-part-Xerox-Piece (of ‚Ahnenpass‘): the artist culling flowers.

Jasmine Fragrance – Early Pastel

Faun – Earth



Mr. Carl Pflueger. Painter and Art-Teacher. – Photo by the author

A photo of a poster for a theatre-performance designed during his schooltime.


Booklet, b/w Photoes. Comission.

His beloved German Puppets – Pastels

PuppetShow – Pastel



Grafitti – Oil-Crayon

Two Hunters and Jesebel’s Fall – Crayon/Acryl

All what I am – Coolpix-Foto

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